About Sustainably Saving

sustainably saving couple

Welcome to Sustainably Saving!

My name is Joe, and I’m the creator of Sustainably Saving. I’m also a former software engineer, personal finance enthusiast, sustainability lover, and the one on the right in the picture.

My Story

For years I worked hard and saved a lot in pursuit of financial independence and early retirement (commonly abbreviated FIRE). I realized as I was getting closer to my early retirement financial goals that I was pursuing something I’ve never tried. I worried I might not even like early retirement. In August of 2019 I decided it was time for me to take early retirement for a test drive. Even though I’m not fully retired, I have enough financial runway to take some time off and try out life without a job. I’ve enjoyed it more than I ever expected. Some people would argue that what I’m doing isn’t really retirement. I still work every day, but on my own schedule and on my own projects. I always thought if I got bored then eventually I’d go back to work, but I haven’t gotten bored yet.

So, to supplement my investment income and spread what I’ve learned about saving over the years, I decided to start this blog. In the five years I spent working full time, I averaged a savings rate of about 70% of my income. I started this site as a way to share my experiments with saving money sustainably. I also want to inspire others to experience the financial and environmental benefits of a frugal lifestyle. I’d like to share the knowledge of personal finance I’ve gained over the years and show how being money conscious can reduce your carbon footprint, increase your happiness, make you more self-sufficient, give you financial leverage, help you pay off debt, give you more freedom, and bestow a whole host of other benefits.